Wednesday, March 24, 2010

some upcoming shows

Okay folks, here's two shows upcoming in the next week.

This first one (the flyer is a little blurry, I couldn't find a better resolution one around) is at the eyedrum with Teeth Mountain and Gold Ghost, with Em from Backpocket doing a group drawing thing. March 29th.

Now this guy, is at the Highland Inn Ballroom on April 3rd, with Social Studies.

So, come see us and dance and stuff!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stuff and stuff

Hey everyone, Roman Photos is actually at work on a neat little Party to go mix that we're going to put up for peeps to download here, a funky little podcast for the goodtimes of songs we love. So look out for that, it'll be up in the near future.

ps- My sideproject has a song up for free download, enjoy:

pps- If you still haven't downloaded the songs from the Roman Photos bandcamp site, you should get on that!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

skut house

part one of four of our new program, "whatever'ing out with roman photos". Part one, Chris. Watch how he relaxes after a long day of bass skut'n and visiting various mothers around metro Atlanta. Chris works hard, and plays even harder.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The first 25 bands...

These are the first 25 bands that Roman Photos have played shows with... in vaguely chronological order:

1. The Long Shadows
2. Carnivores
3. Predator
4. Facehugger
5. Pleasure Cruise
6. The NEC
7. Living Rooms
8. Har Mar Superstar
9. La Chansons
10. Thy Mighty Contract
11. Club Awesome
12. Abby Go Go
13. From the Bassment
14. The Balkans
15. The Selmanaires
16. Sleep Creeps
17. Judi Chicago
18. Kid Stuff
19. Future Ape Tapes
20. Quiet Hooves
21. Nite Jewel
22. Lyonnais
23. Junk Culture
25. Y Fuego Mod

That's pretty amazing, considering we've only been playing since last fall. Yep.

ps- Nite Jewel rulez.

Up and running

hey everyone,

We have a blogspot now. Come by every now and then, we'll be posting downloads here and our new bandcamp website. And of course we'll put up art, rants, links and all manner of other fun junk for all who are interested.