Tuesday, September 7, 2010

RP on 20JazzFunkGreats

The lovely folks at 20jazzfunkgreats wrote about a song off our EP, Out of The Sun. Here's what they had to say. Thanks dudes!

"Any band whose moniker draws on anything as cool as Ruth’s quintessential electro-pop classic is bound to raise mastermind of evil-style eyebrows at 20jazzfunkgreats’ titanium obelisk. So we press play in our custom sound console to verify if the sounds fulfil the promise of the music, and it does, it does- Out of the Sun is a vicious AC1D virus straight off Juan Atkins’ software shop compiled into machine code to interface with some seriously outdated post-punk hardware. The elegantly stark output that ensues wouldn’t be out of place in some ‘best of’ DFA compilation.

This is music for a high-tech heist gone wrong in Lagrange Pt. 1, a message of intrigue and death scribbled in neon over the pitch black surface of Earth’s most intimate geostationary orbit."



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